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"I work for YOU!"
(Client -The person who PAYS)

All client information, inquiries, and the survey report will be kept strictly confidential. Any information relayed to other parties will be at the request of the clientAll Florida Marine Survey is an independent company and is not affiliated with Insurance Companies, Boat Dealerships, or Boat Brokers.

 Marine Survey Rates are $20 per foot.
Sailboat surveys are $20 per foot. Mast and Rigging inspection is included in this price.
For boats 25 foot or less, per foot rate does not apply. Boats 25 feet or less are a flat rate of $500.00.

Why choose All Florida Marine Survey?
Because you won't find a more experienced surveyor for a better price.
Over 10,000 surveys performed!

Services Included in our Marine Survey: 

Comprehensive Inspection Report
Full Hull, Deck, and Systems Inspection (175 items as applicable)

In-water Inspection

Out of water Inspection

Complete Engine Gauge-Out Analysis/Compression Test/Computer Readout (as applicable)

Engine Oil Spectrometric Laboratory Analysis (tests for "foreign" materials)

Engine, Transmission, and Generator Survey (as applicable)

Moisture Meter Testing

Thermal Imaging - FLIR Camera/MSX Technology (Free Thermal Imaging)

Corrosion and Stray Current Meter Testing

Barcol Hardness Testing (characterizes the hardness of materials)

Mast Rigging and Sail inspection (as applicable)

Sea Trial (vessel is tested against factory specs)

Diesel or Gasoline Fuel Laboratory Analysis

Carbon Monoxide & Combustible Gas Monitoring

Engine Safety Inspection

Camera Snake inserted into all thru hulls, exhaust, and inspection plates

Engine Diagnostic Scan Tool & Manometer Test

List of Deficiencies and Recommendations

Valuation, Fair Market Value, and Replacement Value
*Basic rate oil samples may take 5 days to return. If you require oil sample sooner, a $75 fee will be applied.*

Bottom inspection requires boat to be hauled at your expense.

Basic rates cover one visual inspection and sea trial of the vessel for the purpose of the survey report.

Thermal imaging is overused 99% of the time by surveyors as a gimmick to up their fees. We are Certified Level 1 Thermographers. Thermography is used as part of our standard equipment to detect interior defects, repaired damages, moisture throughout the vessel, and more. There is no additional fee for this service to be performed.

For surveys performed in the state of Florida, there is no additional fee charged for travel.

Please Note:

Additional Fees are required for travel outside of Florida and marine surveys performed outside the U.S.

Clients may request an additional visual inspection due to vessel repairs or upgrades. A secondary visit will require a small service fee.

Fees will be refunded for cancelations requested 24hrs prior to survey being performed.

A mechanical survey is different than a marine survey. Expressed permission from the owner is needed for inspection of engine components, compression, and mechanical inspections. For engine components, a mechanical survey from a certified engine mechanic may be recommended. For additional mechanical items, further testing may also be recommended.

Sea Trials are given at the discretion of the Seller. This means, the Buyer or Buyer's Broker is responsible for negotiating a Sea Trial and making the arrangements with the Seller. Haul out, transportation of vessel to Sea Trial site, and captaining for the vessel are to be ready at the time of the survey appointment.

Please, have all mechanical issues addressed and resolved prior to survey appointment. We are flexible to a degree, but waiting for mechanical issues to be resolved on site may incur additional charges if delay is lengthy.


                                                          Payment Information

Litigation Support rates are listed on the Litigation Support page.

Contact me for quotes regarding CE certification.

Feel free to contact me for rates on consultations for buyers and sellers, antique vessel certification, cargo surveys, supervision of international transport of vessels, and additional services.