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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Good News for the New Year!

I want to thank a nice client I had this week who was kind enough to give me a suggestion for my website. He told me I needed to update my Captain’s Journal, so here I go.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year’s day. I did. Beginning this new year, many people are concerned about how the economy has influenced the boat buying trade. Well, I have positive news.

Boat purchases are not down; instead, I have actually seen better performance from the boat trade all across the board. I have seen positive changes in brokers, sellers, buyers, and the service industries.

 Both, the buyer’s brokers and selling broker’s, are more effectively negotiating prices that work for both parties and being more attentive to their client’s needs.

Seller’s attitudes have changed as well. They seem much more interested in selling their boats in a timely fashion, thus they have become more flexible and cooperative when accepting lower offers than the listed price.

Buyers have more purchasing power and have opted to change their approach in finding the perfect boat to fit their needs. From my past years of experience, buyers often brought with them the idea that everything should be perfect about a boat or they didn’t want to continue with the purchase. Today, I find boat buyers more interested in boats that have deficiencies or need updating because they get a larger or better make boat for their money.

This is why. The boat service industries who repair and update boats are also working hard to get your business. Their prices for services are more negotiable than in the past years. So, for those of you who are buying a boat, be prepared to negotiate. You will get a great deal and be happy with your good investment if you follow a few simple suggestions. It is very important to get a survey first. You need an experiences surveyor to inspect the safety of the vessel, to give you an updated valuation to negotiate your price, and to give you an accurate accounting of the deficiencies and repairs needed for the vessel. Before finalizing your sale, I would recommend calling several places to get bids on the costs of repairs and factor those costs into negotiating your final purchase offer.

There are many great deals out there, so take advantage now and buy the boat you’ve always wanted.

Later Gator,
Captain Trip Vawter

3:03 pm est

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