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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Diamond in the Rough

Every once in a while, I receive emails asking for survey quotes from disgruntled brokers trying to have fun with me. The emails are easy to distinguish because of the lack of personal information and over detail of the questions. I had one of these pranksters this week. After I address all the issues with my as usual customer service, they try to sling me with insults and end up running away with their beaten tails between their legs. On contrast to this, I also receive compliments from good brokers that are not intimidated when I call their integrity to the floor. Another experience I had this week was from an honest broker. He is a second generation broker. His father has been a reputable broker for over 30 years and he has passed on his good business practices and integrity to his son. When the client that was being represented by this young broker told me the deficiencies of the vessels he was interested in buying, the deficiencies turned out to be completely correct. The rest of the vessel turned out to be great. The sale went through without a hitch. Later, I received an email from the young broker saying, “You guys are my new surveyors on the east and west coasts. You did a great job yesterday.” This compliment made me proud to work and hopeful that some brokers have raised the bar and accepted that the truth is the way to go with their clients. I sincerely hope to find more of these diamonds in the rough in my future.

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